Bayern Munich’s Unexpected Move: Leo Messi Becomes First Player Followed on Instagram as a Gesture of Respect

In a surprising development, Bayern Munich has recently started following Leo Messi on Instagram. Notably, Messi is the first player to receive this honor from the Bavarian club, even surpassing global football figures like Cristiano Ronaldo who have no connection with Bayern.

The intriguing question arises: Why did Bayern give Messi a follow?

Speculations suggest that this move is in response to Messi’s recent Instagram Story dedication to Bayern legend Franz Beckenbauer, who sadly passed away on Tuesday. It appears that Bayern Munich highly appreciated Messi’s gesture of honoring their iconic figure.

Meanwhile, Messi is currently enjoying his holiday in Miami, gearing up to return to action with his new MLS side on January 13.

Curious about Thomas Muller’s perspective on Leo Messi? Stay tuned for more insights!

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