Barcelona’s doubts about keeping Joao Felix seem to be mounting as his loan spell progresses.

Speculation surrounding Joao Felix’s future at Barcelona continues to intensify as his loan tenure progresses. The initially promising start to his stint has hit a roadblock, evident in his recent struggles on the field, notably culminating in coach Xavi Hernandez’s decision to substitute him at halftime during the match against Almeria.

The internal sentiment within Barcelona concerning Felix’s long-term stay is shrouded in doubt, with indications suggesting that only President Joan Laporta is staunchly advocating for a permanent acquisition of the talented Portuguese player. However, there appears to be a lack of unanimous support within the club’s leadership for his extended tenure.

Xavi’s stance on Felix’s potential return next season remains cautious, with reports hinting at the coach’s contemplation of benching the forward for the latter part of the season, contingent on Barcelona securing a midfielder in the upcoming January transfer window. Moreover, the injury to rising star Gavi has been cited as a factor that could have potentially seen Felix relegated from the starting lineup earlier.

Despite Felix’s fervent desire to don the Barcelona colors, his performance thus far might pave the way for a return to Atletico Madrid unless there’s a substantial turnaround in his form and impact on the pitch for the remainder of the ongoing campaign. Such a turn of events might not align with the aspirations of both Felix himself and his parent club, Atletico Madrid, leaving all parties involved in a challenging predicament regarding the player’s future.

The saga surrounding Felix’s potential permanency at Barcelona remains fluid and subject to change based on his performances in the coming matches, with fans and football enthusiasts eagerly anticipating how this narrative will unfold in the months ahead.

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